The International Association
of Gay/Lesbian
Country Western Dance Clubs

The IAGLCWDC Mailing Lists
NOTE: All requests for membership to these lists are monitored and also require confirmation from the recipient before membership is approved. False subscribe requests are ignored.
DISTRIBUTION LISTS (discussion or news list)
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Information about our DISTRIBUTION LISTS is found below.
NEW! The IAGLCWDC Hoedown E-mail System NEW!
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  • All persons opening an IAGLCWDC Hoedown Account become part of the IAGLCWDC Hoedown E-mail System.
  • The System is divided into three parts:
    1. accounts - persons with an account but have not yet registered for the current (or most recent) hoedown.
        (these persons may "opt out" of receiving e-mail messages from us by checking "YES" next to "OPT OUT" on their account page)
    2. registrants - persons registered for the current (or most recent) hoedown.
    3. hostsponsors - persons registered as a Host Sponsor for the current (or most recent) hoedown.
  • All messages sent to the news list are also forwarded to the IAGLCWDC Hoedown E-mail System.
Messages from this System are sent ONLY by AUTHORIZED IAGLCWDC Officers and Appointees.

The Purpose of the Lists    top

The IAGLCWDC mailing lists are for news and discussion of gay/lesbian country western dance related information. This includes information and activities from any of our member clubs.

Please use other venues to communicate "other" business.

Both lists are moderated and material that is not country/western related may be returned.

Messages sent to the lists are not necessarily the views or opinions of the IAGLCWDC. The IAGLCWDC, its officers, its delegates, its members, and its member clubs assume no liability for the contents of ANY and/or all messages posted to the lists.

How the Lists Work and How To Join One    top

The IAGLCWDC manages two e-mail list services, hosted by QueerNet, for news and discussion of gay/lesbian country western dance clubs and related information. Both lists are moderated. They are:

  1. Discussion
  2. News
Normally, you would join only one of these mailing lists. But how do you decide which one you would like to join?

Following is a brief description of how each works.

  1. Discussion

    This is the "reflector" mailing list. This means that every time someone sends a message to the list, the message is immediately "reflected", or sent, to every "Discussion" subscriber's e-mail address. Only list members can send messages to the list, but all messages are moderated to make sure they are on topic.

  2. News

    This is the "news only" mailing list. It is used to send official news from the IAGLCWDC board of directors and includes info about future events from our member clubs. All messages from the "News" list will also be sent to the "Discussion" list. The news list is intended for people who don't want to receive the discussion messages.

After you have subscribed to one of the lists, you can set your subscription to Digest Mode. In Digest Mode all messages are grouped together and sent together as a single message. These Digest Mode messages are sent out at approximately 1:30 PM Pacific Time daily. Instructions on how to do this are here.

Have you decided which list is right for you?

"Yes, take me to the IAGLCWDC E-Mail Lists Join Form."

Some Q & A about this e-mail list service    top

What does it cost?
Nothing. The service is free.
Does IAGLCWDC pay for this service?
No. QueerNet provides this service for the IAGLCWDC for free.
Who pays for it?
QueerNet is entirely supported by charitable contributions. Once a year--yes, just once a year--subscribers to the e-mail list service will receive a message providing information on how to donate to QueerNet. But all subscribers receive the service for free whether they donate or not.
Once I join a list, how do I quit?
You can quit (unsubscribe) by following these instructions.

You can also quit a list by sending a request to the .