Review of The Best Little Hoedown in Texas

by John Dembiec
as published on his Big Boy Dance Groove website and in the July 7, 2005, edition of Carol Craven's World Dance Newsletter.
Used by permission.

I first must say that I really didn't know what to expect at this event, but I walked away overwhelmed by the number of great dancers and dancing I was able to experience over this weekend. I am definitely looking forward to future events put on by IAGLCWDC. Many well known instructors were in attendance. On the linedance side we had myself, Michael Barr, Michelle Burton, Eve Yeaton, Scott Schrank, Jean Vick, and a special appearance from Judy McDonald. On the couples end there was John Lindo, Shawn Swaithes, Roady Dufrene, Anita Williams, Rick Weston, and Chris Guidry. If I am missing anyone, I do apologize.

I arrived Thursday afternoon and after taking a short nap, I headed over to the Round Up for a pre-dance party. I was to meet a few new people and see some familiar faces. We had a Texas style BBQ buffet which was delicious. After some conversing, they opened the doors to the public for everyone to join in. The resident instructor, Junita (I hope I spelled it right) taught a Texas style 2 step. It is always good to see different styles of dancing in different areas of the country. After about 30 minutes dancing, I was asked to teach a class and proceeded to teach Money Maker and was well received by the patrons and event members.

Friday was the start of the workshops and ran through Saturday afternoon with reviews of the dances at the end of Saturday. Dances that were well received over the weekend were my new dances Lonesome Cry and Spanish Desire along with Mood Swing. Michael and Michelle taught Last Days of Disco which was popular and with Right to Remain Silent. Eve taught Funkalicious and Sum'n Sum'n. I got to see Scotts Schranks dance True Home and I feel its a must learn if given the opportunity. Though this isn't the full list of dances taught, these seem to be the more popular dances being done over the weekend.

Other dances being done were a combination of classic linedances and modern dances. These would include Push, Chill Factor, Cowgirls and Switches, What It Is, I Play Chicken With a Train, Hold Your Horses, Cool Whip, Ghost Train, Power Surge, Macara Walk, Midnight Waltz, Chompin' at the Bit, and Um Bop.

The shows, exhibitions, and competition were excellent. The talent was just as good as I have seen in other events. I also must say that the team competitions seemed to be the best. The winners of these teams could very well bring their talents to the UCWDC competitions and and make a run for a World Championship. They were that good. Also what I saw that was very good idea was that there was no separate rooms for linedancers and couples. All the social dancing was kept in the main ballroom. Couples were able to their swing and 2 step dancing along with linedancers and vice versa. Everyone (and I mean everyone) were very courteous to each other on the dance floor. You also saw the linedancers doing couples and couples doing linedancing. This would be a very good idea and goal for other events to try to do this. Dancing is a community and it should be shared among everyone if at all possible.

Enough of the soap box, on Sunday they did a dance swap where dancers shared and teach dances in their areas. Since I had to leave early, I only got to learn 2 dances. One was Judy McDonalds Dipstick and I finally got that dance. The other dance I learned which you should start hearing more about is a dance called Baby, You Make Me Sick done by Scott Schrank and Jo Kinser. A very good and fun dance to really good music. This is another dance I recommend.

That's about it. I want to thank again IAGLCWDC and the Texas Twisters for having me and I am looking forward to attending more of your events in the future.