Frequently Asked Questions
About Joining the IAGLCWDC

  1. What advantages are there for a club to join the IAGLCWDC?

    • Energy. The IAGLCWDC is a group that has many ideas, as well as the energy and drive to follow through on them.
    • Opportunity. With these ideas, there is the opportunity to create a vehicle that promotes the art of dance; is supportive while not being divisive; and is ethically and objectively run.
    • Sharing. IAGLCWDC meetings can be an arena for further sharing of ideas directly and indirectly related to country-western dancing.
    • Involvement. Now is a great time to become involved with this exhilarating and committed group of dancers!
    • Networking. Being part of a worldwide association means that by attending conferences you can learn what other clubs are doing, develop contacts, and make friends from around the world.
  2. Who can join the IAGLCWDC?

    Any club may join the IAGLCWDC that
    • is a gay or lesbian oriented country western dance club.
    • is not for profit in structure and intent; that is, member clubs exist for social, recreational, and educational purposes.
    • is ethically run in a cooperative spirit.
    • has been in existence for at least one year (although Associate Membership status is available for clubs that are not at least one year old).
  3. What kind of membership categories are there?

    There are two categories: Full Membership and Associate Membership.
  4. What is the difference between an Associate Member Club and a Full Member Club?

    An Associate Member Club is one that has been in existence for less than one year. A Full Member Club is one that has been in existence for one year or more.

    Candidates for offices of the Executive Board must be members of a Full Member Club.

    Although delegates of both Associate and Full Member Clubs may activety participate in discussions at an Executive Board meeting, only delegates of Full Member Clubs may vote.

  5. Is there a minimum size for a club that joins the IAGLCWDC?

    No. No minimum size is required for club membership.
  6. Are there any dues that must be paid by a member club?

    All member clubs, whether Full or Associate, must pay the same dues, the amount of which is determined by the Executive Board annually. Annual club membership dues are currently $50 USD (as of October 30, 2010). These dues are payable on or before January 1st of each calendar year.
  7. If a club joins later in the year, does it have to pay full dues for that first year?

    Not necessarily. Dues for the first year of membership are prorated on a quarterly basis based on the date of acceptance. The date of acceptance is the date on which the Executive Board accepts the club into the IAGLCWDC as either a Full Member Club or an Associate Member Club.

    Thus, a club joining during January, February, or March would need to pay the full amount for dues. A club joining during April, May, or June would need to pay only 75% of the amount for dues. A club joining during July, August, or September would need to pay only 50% of the amount for dues. And a club joining during October, November, or December would need to pay only 25% of the amount for dues.

    Thereafter, all new clubs would be required to pay the full amount for dues by January 1st of the calendar year following their date of acceptance and every year thereafter.

  8. What other responsibilities are there for a member club?

    Each Full and Associate member club, from its own general membership, shall select by its own internal process two representatives to the Executive Board. These representatives are called a delegate and alternate delegate. Each delegate and alternate delegate represent only one member club.
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