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Barn Dance at the Stompede - Courtesy of Tim Wong Event Calendar
The International Association
of Gay/Lesbian
Country Western Dance Clubs


Please note: We only list major events such as fund-raisers, hoedowns and conventions here. Many of our member clubs also have one or more weekly events which include lessons and open dancing--too numerous to list here. To see them all please visit each club's website.

  March 19-22, 2015    
Emerald City Hoedown
Hosted by
Hosted by Rain Country Dance Association
Emerald City Hoedown
Seattle, Washington
hosted by Rain Country Dance Association
phone: (206) 852-3326
E-Mail: Rain Country Dance Association
www: http://www.emeraldcityhoedown.com
  April 24-26, 2015    
Gays for Patsy Spring Stomp!
Hosted by
Hosted by Gays for Patsy
Gays for Patsy Spring Stomp!
Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA
hosted by Gays for Patsy
Sage Inn and Lounge, 336 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA
phone: 617-512-8515
E-Mail: Gays for Patsy
www: http://www.gfp.org/stomp
  July 2-5, 2015      
The Montréal Hoedown
Hosted by
The Montréal Hoedown
The 22nd Annual Convention of the IAGLCWDC
Montréal, Quebéc, Canada
Featuring the 18th Annual IAGLCWDC Championship Dance Competition
E-Mail: The Montréal Hoedown
www: http://outhoedown.com/2015/montreal

Archive  -   2015  -  Convention List